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How many calories do you need?

BMI Calculator
Use this calculator to find out how many calories you need to maintain your current weight. If you have an overweight BMI, then you can reduce that figure by up to 500 calories a day to start losing weight safely.

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BAD BREATH: Bad breath or halitosis is a condition which occurs due to the poor maintenance of oral hygiene. It can also occur due to other health issues. Bad breath is an embarrassing situation which makes you anxious in a social gathering. Let's have a look at what could be causing bad breath? FACTORS THAT RESULT IN BAD BREATH: The causes of bad breath include the following:

ØCertain foods result in bad odors such as garlic, spices, and onion. The breakdown of such food particles result in increased proliferation of bacteria leading to bad breath. ØSmoking and tobacco chewing can also result in bad breath. ØDry mouth condition such as xerostomia where there is less production of saliva can also result in bad breath. Saliva has antibacterial effects and cleanses the mouth from the bacteria. ØCertain medications such as nitrates, chemotherapy, and tranquilizers can also result in bad breath. Once these medicines breakdown, the chemicals released in your breath leading to foul odor. ØYou…


Introduction A pulse oximeter is a Non-invasive device used to test the level of Oxygen (Oxygen saturation/ SpO2 level ) in the body. It is an easy and effective way of measuring the oxygen transmission to the furthest part of the body by your heart. The device has now been adopted in most of the hospitals in USA and in most of the developed nations of the world.
The oxygen saturation in the body should not fall below 89%, for a healthy body above 95% is considered standard. An SpO2 of 92% at sea level is considered as low. A good pediatric finger pulse oximetercan detect changes as small as 1% in your body. It does so by using Infrared and Red light and then detects the amount of their absorption through the fingertip (or earlobe, toe). Apart from measuring the SpO2 it also checks the Pulse rate which is 60 - 80 for a normal Adult.

When Do You Need a Pulse-Oximeter? A finger Pulse oximeter isa necessary device to have at your home if you have been in any of the following situations. 1.T…