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digitalmarketig Finding a Good Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries have been propping up all over California. Emboldened by the legalization of recreational cannabis and a highly complex regulatory regime where authorities hither and thither about whether or not dispensaries can operate in their part of town, many dispensary owners have decided to bypass the legal requirements entirely. Whilst this is an understandable response in the face of a new & (mostly) badly-run regulations, it does make it difficult to find a trustworthy dispensary. For medical patients especially, trust is of utmost importance, so here are six things a medical cannabis user should look for in a dispensary …

Product testing - and showing the results

Over the past year, we have seen what could be seen as a “bonfire of cannabis products”, as many of them failed safety standards. This means that, in the medical, patient-focused dispensaries at least, the products still on the shelf have passed muster and be seen as relatively safe (i.e. f…

Trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging

As regulations and customers demand more sustainability efforts and recycling, the Pharmaceutical packaging industry has to step up the innovation in packaging design and engineering techniques. As such emerging trends have been focused on the packaging that better protects pharmaceutical products and this has led to innovation to enhanced packaging of potent compounds. Also, the fact that new regulations keep on being introduced considering the fact that the pharmaceutical industry deals with low volume high-value products, we can use this to predict the trends that are going to get more popular and the 2019 emerging trends driven by innovative packaging equipment, design and materials. Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging No one wants to buy a product that has been tampered with and one of the emerging trends target winning the trust of customers in getting the original product un-tampered with. As such better anti-counterfeiting packaging such as packaging closures to completely seal produ…

MEDVIVE Announce 40% OFF on Tens Unit Pulse Massager Limited Time Only

On the off chance that you need another Tens Unit that is utilized for torment, presently you can get one for 40% off temporarily as it were. This 40% deals for a unit that you ordinarily pay $28.95 you would now be able to purchase for $17.30. You will require a Medvive Coupon Code that is great at Amazon.


Tens Units are utilized for a significant number of the accompanying reasons:

Agony Reliever: 

These units have been clinically-demonstrated, for common and viable agony reliever without requiring the client to take any drug for issue territories, for example, the joints, back, knees, neck, shoulders, lower legs, legs, elbows and wrists.

16 Pre-customized modes for power change:

This versatile unit conveys 16.

Guidelines Manual: 

Clear item guidelines, making the gadget fast and very simple to set up.


This gadget accompanies a conveying pack, which enables you to convey it in a hurry and use when required. It is lightweight, little and durable just as packs e…